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July 12th, 2016 / by / In Blog

We noticed our new package software which is the fastest E-Commerce system as Shopermind. With this new brand , you just need to name of your e-commerce project.It can provide you the big e-commerce project functionalities just in 2 minutes.

We inspired the our company name of ‘AN'(the moment which is the smallest time frame) as usual then we provide the fastest setup and using for Shopermind.

We have customers that using our e-commerce software more then twenty.Then we inspired from their industry experiences while developing Shopermind.It has all the payment methods which is using by e-commerce web sites, campaigns, design galery which allow to choose different design while using software any time, good reporting for seo, current state of e-commerce store, etc.

One of the most special feature in the application, people who want to try e-commerce system can try easly with their own domain for 2 weeks.

Small Senario:
* I am jhon then I want to try e-commerce
* I am going to open, then I fill the form which contains e-mail, password and store name with, MyPass241,
* after 2 minutes my web site preparing and open for me as
* I am going to add my products and choosing my special design for my online store.
* then my website is ready lets see my web site:
* ok still want to try it but on my own domain, just I am redirecting my dns records as,
* after few minues I can see my page as, now I can try my online store on my own domain.

The information as below can be complete in just one day, then even if you don’t buy e-commerce software with any plan you can sale your products in 14 days, if everyting going fine, you can buy your online store in your management panel with your credit card, also you see the exist plans in this link :


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