The Technologies We Employ Within The Company

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E-commerce and corporate web solutions in the field of experience staff our company software, design, technology and consultancy offers solutions to customers with the support of the end-to-end.

We offer software solutions that;

B2B, B2C and E-commerce Solutions

– Mobile Applications (Android & IOS)
– Mobile Compatible Web Application Solutions
– ERP Integrations
– Corporate Web Sites

The technologies we employ as a company are as follows;

-.Net Framework v4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 2.0
– Bootstrap Library
– ASP.NET Full Stack (MVC + Web API + SignalR)
– Amazon Web Service
– JQuery – Javascript, Type Script
– Windows Services App
– WCF and Restfull Services
– Entity Framework, Linq to Sql
– Android and IOS Native Development
– Hybrid Mobile Development (Cordova, PhoneGAP)
– JAVA, C++, C# (OOP Programming Language)
– Augmented Reality Development
– Virtual Reality Development
– Unity
– Unreal

Development Tools
– Visual Studio
– Eclipse
– Android Studio
– Xcode
– Team Foundation Server

Database Solutions
– Microsoft SQL Server
– Oracle
– Cloud Platforms (Azure, Amazon etc.)

Methodology / Patterns / Architetures– Scrum
– Agile Methodology
– Extreme Programming (XP)
– Pair Programming
– OOP Design Patterns
– Repository, Generic Repository, Design Patterns
– Test Driven Development (TDD)
– Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Inversion
– SOLID Principles
– Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
– Selenium Test Framework
– Unit Test Frameworks
– Subversion Control Systems (TFS, Git, Mercury)
– N-tier Architecture
– Onion Architecture
– Internet of Things (IoT)

This is the technologies and structures that we use, our company mainly focused on enterprise applications and Microsoft based development but we have people from all fields, We are able to create any kind of custom projects.


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