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September 11th, 2016 / by / In Blog, Genel

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3DoThis is a special project which prepared for 3D Industries in Turkey.In last years, 3D Printer machines are very popular and growing sectors in the worlds.People who invest in this industry very valuable for the world.

VOLTURK company is one of investors on this industry at Turkey. VOLTURK company come to AN Software with good dreams and investments, then we start to develope what they dreams as Software Partner. Finally we developed the huge platform as 3dothis.com, with that project people can use 3D machines to create 3D Object even if they don’t have any knowledge about it.

How its work 3DoThis.com!

3DoThis project has some of roles to working as win to win then giving service on 3D Printer industry.In this system people who want to be investor can buy any 3D Printer then send to us and customers who using 3D Printing services use these printer and Investor earn some money for each order.Also system provide regional business centers to fastest order delivering to customers.Anyone who has place to keep and work with 3D Printers can apply as Business Center then earn more money can create new business oportunities for theirself. At last salesman which want to work on 3D Industry, can be apply this system as a salesman then earn money for each order ocurred by theirself.

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